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    Wings of Fire plush makes it easy to bring your favorite characters to life from the Wings of Fire series. There are Wings Of Fire Blankets for making them: horns or spines, wings, fur or spikes. This pattern is versatile enough to create multiple dragons, or hybrids.

    The theme of friendship

    The Wings of Fire series has exciting middle-grade stories that take place in a world that dragons rule. Each book is about a dragon tribe, including MudWings (SandWings), MudWings SkyWings SeaWings SeaWings IceWings RainWings and NightWings) each with their own magical abilities and strengths. Middle schoolers will relate to each of the seven tribal tribes, which makes it easy for them to get lost in their adventures.

    According to most philosophical accounts, friendship is defined by three themes. They are mutual caring (or loving), intimacy, and shared activities. It is understood as a relationship among equals with each friend having approximately the same power and authority. Friends often engage in joint pursuits which are usually motivated by friendship. This can include things like playing together, creating something, or talking to one another. This is a great way to introduce children to friendship and the importance it plays in society.