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    Brilliantfiction Dual Cultivation – Chapter 611 – The Sisters’ Teamwork rebel time read-p3

    Novel – Dual Cultivation – Dual Cultivation

    Chapter 611 – The Sisters’ Teamwork question introduce

    A short while afterwards, Su Yang suddenly loaded his thick shaft into Fang Zhelan’s cave, just before releasing his sauce into her reduce pit.

    “I will increase with both of you at the same time,” he explained, baffling them.

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    Whilst Fang Xiaoru drawn on Su Yang’s shaft to the best of her ability, Fang Zhelan labored on his appreciated jewels underneath along with her mouth and hands, making Su Yang truly feel as though he’d came into paradise.

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    She then considered Fang Xiaoru and said to her, “Considering that you now have a small body system, I am going to be at the base.”

    ‘This is generally additional embarra.s.sing than I’d imagined…’ Fang Zhelan believed to themselves having a slightly red-colored face. Not actually in her craziest dream would she imagine themselves hugging her very little sibling whilst they were both n.a.k.e.d.

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    “You can’t go to sleep however, Xiaoru. We’ve only just began.” Fang Zhelan said to her with a teeth.

    “It’s so hot…” Fang Xiaoru reported, sensing like she just had taken a bath in warm Yang Qi.

    A while afterwards, Fang Zhelan stated, “Allow me to kiss you because of this lips, too…”


    And even though Fang Xiaoru recovers her energy, Su Yang and Fang Zhelan start off their next circular of farming.

    Su Yang proceeded to develop together with the Fang Sisters, switching between Fang Zhelan and Fang Xiaoru every 10 minutes, and they also would continue this rotation until both the sisters could no more proceed from weakness.

    “I will enhance with the two of you as well,” he stated, baffling them.

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    She then investigated Fang Xiaoru and thought to her, “Considering the fact that there is a scaled-down human body, I will be at the base.”


    Fang Zhelan nodded and laid Fang Xiaoru around the end of the mattress so she could switch far more readily.


    Fang Zhelan persisted to enhance with Su Yang for most minutes, and when Fang Xiaoru retrieved enough strength to go on, the time had come for Fang Zhelan to relax, allowing Fang Xiaoru to have her spot.



    “I am going to increase with you both at the same time,” he explained, baffling them.


    Fang Zhelan nodded and set Fang Xiaoru close to the end in the bed furniture so she could shift additional easily.

    “Allow me to wash it up for you personally, Xiaoru…” Fang Zhelan suddenly approached her and started off licking the Yang Qi sticking onto her body system, immediately dumbfounding her.

    Fang Xiaoru immediately nodded her go, and she started licking Su Yang’s shaft with Fang Zhelan, before you take turns putting it in their oral cavity.

    Some minutes later on, when Fang Zhelan realized that Fang Xiaoru was looking at her using an jealous gaze, Fang Zhelan said, “Let’s pleasure him together with each other.”

    Fang Xiaoru put into practice Fang Zhelan’s place and activities and also began rubbing Su Yang’s shaft together with her reduce mouth.

    At the conclusion of their cultivation, Su Yang published his Yang Qi into Fang Zhelan twenty-one periods, even though Fang Xiaoru could only manage eleven rounds ahead of plunging unconscious.

    “As predicted of yourself, Su Yang… I am always studying something totally new from you…” Fang Zhelan claimed having a grin in her experience.

    “How… How are you going to achieve that?” Fang Xiaoru inquired him.

    “Me too…”

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    She then looked at Fang Xiaoru and believed to her, “Since you will have a smaller sized body, I am going to be on the bottom.”

    “Ahhhhh~!” Fang Zhelan failed to expect to have the quick penetration and satisfying and m.o.a.ned loudly.