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by Alessandro Valerani
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BricksPower is a walking power backup, the first-ever TRUE wireless charger, consistently delivering powers anytime, anywhere by simply sticking it to your phone. BricksPowers gathers features of ALL other wireless chargers, power banks and battery cases in this one tiny brick. It helps conveniently charge your new iPhone and wireless mobile phonesFurthermore, it could also charge your non-wireless phones by simply upgrading them!

BricksPower can be used for ALL Wireless Charging Phones! And, MOST non-WirelessCharging Phones!

If your phone has no wireless charging function, no worries, by adding a wireless charging receiver, your phone can be wirelessly charged ! Do not hesitate, upgrade your phone right now! Check the receiver and special phone case as our add on items in our campaign page.

Thank you to everyone who has made this project possible. We wouldn’t be here without you from around the globe who have provided us with huge support!

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As always, you all are amazing, thank you so much for helping us reach over 200% of our BricksPower Project. In order to achieve our first stretch goal, we need your help sharing the campaign with family, friends , etc.

We know that we already have your support, so we want to provide you with some bonus goodies for your help spreading the campaign.

How to Get Started: Just please click the picture on below, then it will show you.

AWKWARD MOMENTS linked to wired or “wireless” chargers!

From the desk to the street. A TRUE mobile wireless charger that attaches easily to your device, without the unsightly wireless.

BricksPower a walking power backup, consistently delivers powers anytime, anywhere by simply sticking it to your device.

Unlike other wireless chargers, BricksPower is always closely pasted to your device. Whenever you grap up your phone to make a call or read message, you should never worry about charging disconnected.

When using a typical wireless power bank, your mobile phone easily slips out of position and charging disconnects. Our charger is equipped with Super Sticky Nano-suction that stays attached to your device.

After use BricksPower for a long time, you just need to wipe it with a clean, wet cloth to remove all dust and dirt particles on the surface, renewing its strong adhesive contact.

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A single BricksPower come with the function of Wireless Charger, PowerBank and Battery Phone Case.

BricksPower can charge your phone while you are listening to the music without any using discomfortable feeling.

You can now buy BricksPower for as low as $2440% off retail price! A single device that can replace almost $200 worth of separate accessories!

Check out the ADD ON items special phone case and receiver to UPGRADE your phones to Wireless Charging! Want to add some to your Reward? Just increase your pledge amount accordingly.

In current campaign, we have two color options for the battery to you.You can choose orange or grey color battery to match with RX.

FCC,CE and QI standard on product and solution. The charging solution is integrated with temperature control protection, smart monitoring of charge to prevent overheating or circuit malfunction, prolonging the lifespan of your phone battery.

Concept for design inspired by different colors of bricks, to highlight the modular usage and creative nature.

We design BricksPower with expandable functions: Wireless Stand, Wireless car charger and more…

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