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by Alessandro Valerani
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CordCondom is all about prolonging the life of chargers to save time and money for our customers. Not to mention the amount of garbage kept out of landfills from fewer broken chargers being discarded.

CordCondoms that will fit on more cables and in additional colours to save you even more money and time.

Wrap it up!

Personalize Your Charger
Personalize Your Charger


What Does it Fit On?

We have designed a product that works on the Apple Lightning connector cable and the Samsung Micro USB. CordCondom will also fit on many other Micro USBs. This is one product that forms to all different chargers so there is no need to specify which condom you need.

On Samsung Galaxy Charger (Micro USB)
On Samsung Galaxy Charger (Micro USB)


On Apple Lightning Charger (iPhone & iPad)
On Apple Lightning Charger (iPhone & iPad)


This also makes it easy to share a Condom with a friend in need regardless of their personal choice of mobile platform.

Keep your current MFI certified charger safe and stop purchasing Non-Licensed cords online or at the gas station that give error messages after updating your phone. (CordCondom is not an accessory that connects to your phone directly and therefore does not have MFi certification itself.)

Allergy Concerns

For those of us who have to avoid latex products when being intimate, don’t look for substitutes here. All our products contain no latex and are made from 100% siliconemeaning a tougher product and no frustrating latex allergic reactions.

Rolled Up
Rolled Up

Is it Difficult to put on?

It’s Easy! We managed to do it in under 15 seconds and it can be done anywhere as it requires no tools or small parts.

Here’s Amanda applying it on her charger.

The Environmental Effect

Yes you read that right. The amount of waste caused by discarded chargers is TOO DAMN HIGH.

If we could put a CordCondom on only 1% of these chargers and double their usable life, we would have 3 Million less chargers in the garbage this year.

How did we test it?

Well, we call it the ripper. We built a charger destroying machine and recorded the difference in time before we saw charger guts coming out. An unprotected apple charger on this machine took only 5 minutes to be destroyed, with CordCondom applied it lasted over 12 minutes.

The Ripper


Note: This product was first published on Kickstarter

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