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by Alessandro Valerani
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A gaming system fuelled with the power of augmented reality that comes with four gaming kits: Quest, Count, Link and Steer.

Designed for kids between the ages of 5 and 11 years, each kit comes with many exciting educational games that are conceptualized to make your child learn, play and have fun—all at the same time.

No wires, no electronics or additional hardware; our gaming system requires minimum effort to set-up and play.

Your pledge will help us convert our 3D printed prototypes into a robust and durable toy that will be loved (WE KNOW, for sure) by everyone.

Did you know that children spend at least two hours in front of a screen every day? With rapid advancements being made in technology, screen time is inevitable. But we, at PlayShifu, have made it worthwhile.

With Plugo, your child can interact and play using various kits. They won’t even realize they’re learning math, vocabulary, dexterity, logical reasoning, critical thinking and so much more.

We sent prototypes of Plugo to educators and parents from around the world to put our thought and hard work to test. The feedback we received from them was more than overwhelming.

“Woohoo” – Kenai and Keiden, Age 6

“With critical thinking being part of everything, Plugo will really help my soon-to-be-first-grader…”  – Brenda Gomez, Mom of 3

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Originally published on Kickstarter

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