We are


Totally Transparent

We post complete financials, including invoices and receipts, for every idea we develop and for every product. There are no secrets, so everyone knows where every penny came from, where every penny was spent, our actual cost and our profit margin.

Everyone, from our members to the general public, can see exactly WHAT we are doing, HOW funds are spent and how profits are SHARED. No secrets.

American Made

We manufacture in the United States and Canada because we care about quality. We also care about the environment, and producing here let's us ship directly to our customers, keeping thousands of pounds of cardboard waste out of landfills and thousands of tons of pollution out of our air.

Shipping across oceans and continents accounts for a significant percentage of pollution and environmental damage, as well as inflating the cost of a product by 300% or even 400%.
Most of the extra cost comes from warehousing and the charges added by distributors and wholesalers.
By producing locally and shipping direct to the customer, Hubmade not only reduces pollution, but we also eliminate all of the extra middlemen costs, so we can sell high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Profit Sharing

We believe that if you make a significant contribution to a product’s development you should share in the benefits. That includes the person who had the original idea as well as talented professional community members who work with us on the design, engineering, manufacturing, and any other critical aspect.

Profits are shared 50 / 50 between contributing members and the platform

User-Chosen Products

We don't decide what to produce, you do. The community evaluates products and decides whether or not they like and would buy them. You vote a product up or down, and you can help a product along by contributing a few dollars to the development cost. This way, we only produce products that people actually want.

Most companies rely on market research and focus groups, to decide whether or not there is a market for a product.
We've improved these techniques by using technology and social media.
By requiring a combination of up-votes and funding, we ensure that the products we develop are highly likely to succeed.

User-Driven Features

As a product moves through development, you can provide feedback that steers the design on any aspects that you think need addressing - color, functions, features, size, capacity, where a power cord should go, the length of a handle, ... on anything that you have an opinion about. If the design team agrees with you, your feedback will be incorporated.

The people who will buy and use a product are the ones who steer its functionality and design. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Old Fashioned Pricing

People used to buy things that were made nearby or made by the person they bought them from. As globalization has spread, we now buy products made on the other side of the world. That has lots of costs - packaging, transportation, warehousing, and middle men - that increase price as much as 400%.

So, a toaster that costs $7.00 to produce in China, sells to you at $28.00. By producing here, and selling and shipping directly to you, we can sell a better, made in America toaster, for under $15.00.

By manufacturing locally in America and eliminating lots of unnecessary steps, we deliver high-quality products at a low price.

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